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Flexy Combo

What is Flexi Combo huh? Flexi Combo is one of the features provided by Telkom Flexi users.

Flexi’s CDMA, so it can only be valid in their respective regions only (somewhat different from the Fren huh?). So for example the number that we have is 021xxxxx, when we traveled to Bali, we can not make calls or send sms before enabling this feature.

As for how to activate it are as follows:

– When they arrived at their destination, type * 777, then press OK / Call.
Then we will get a confirmation sms with our combo numbers. And we can make calls or send SMS again as usual.

For others in our homelands, do not have to know the number combo that we had. They can call or send an SMS to us through our original number (before in-combo). 🙂

Now, when we go back to our places of origin, do not forget to do * 777 again yes. So our numbers will be like the beginning again. 🙂

Um, is the best teacher is experience.

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